Concerns Of Cannabis

Concerns Of Cannabis

Cannabis or what the youngsters like to call it marijuana, is gaining popularity in recent times. And its spreading legalisation in more and more places is kind of helping the scenario of addiction especially among the people of reproductive age.

Marijuana is toxic in many ways, one of them being its effect on fertility. Many people already know that smoking marijuana harms the sperm health of men and the reproductive power of women. But now many studies have proved this theory with actual explanations. We just have to look deeper to understand how this drug is affecting the copulation system in many people.

The endocannabinoid system plays a critical role in controlling the sex hormones and human breeding both in male and female. The psychoactive ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in marijuana has harmful effects on the endocannabinoid receptor. This hinders the communication of brain to the reproductive organs, affecting the fertility rate in both the sexes.

When comes to examining how marijuana affects fertility in women, it can be a little hard to demonstrate as there is no direct measure (as semen in men) to look at. But smoking, marijuana holds the ovulation cycle of women by a few days. A higher level of THC decrease the production of estrogen which means no ovulation. It ultimately points to the fact that negative ovulation means no egg will be released leading to zero chances of fertilisation.

Marijuana not only affects the sperm motility and ovulation cycle, but it also seems to have the potential to provoke any problem that can create difficulty in pregnancy. It conflicts with the communication system that holds power over fertility-ovulation, tubal transport, the uterine lining and many other aspects. Consequently, marijuana can further elevate any reproductivity concern.

Detailed research still needs to be conducted to completely explain the effects of marijuana on reproduction, but this drug is always going to have adverse impacts on human health.