Diabetes Care in Monsoon

Diabetes Care in Monsoon

Monsoon season is the start of escapism from the burning heat of the summer. Some of you eagerly wait for the rain, followed by the earthy smell. While others are not so much a fan of the muddy and waterlogged roads. But no matter whether you like it or not, one thing is for sure is that people who have any kind of ailments need to take extra care, as the rainy season brings several diseases along with it. Especially people who are dealing with diabetes, need extra monsoonal management as they not only have to dodge unhealthy food cravings but also have to maintain the exercise regime in the season of laziness.

It is not a secret anymore that monsoon heightens our cravings. But instead of feasting on the roadside stall, have something home-cooked. Not only it will fulfil your hunger but also control your amount of calorie intake. Make sure to eat light and let go of temptations.

In the comparison of the harsh heat of summer, monsoon is cooler weather. But do not even think that only summer days call for hydration. This is completely untrue, as our body needs water every time. Not only it quenches your thirst but keeping hydrated also improves the skin, limits stomach infections, among others.

Always take good care of your skin. Make sure that you are protected from the harmful UV rains, and yes it is rather common in this world of growing pollution. Clean your skin at least twice a day to wash off specks of dirt and impurities that can lead to any infections.

Keep your feet, nail and skin in proper hygiene. Do not wear socks and footwear that are wet as it can lead to various bacterial and fungal infections. Inability to take good care of the feet can lead to diabetic neuropathy.

Wash your vegetables and fruit thoroughly before cooking or having them. Monsoon always invites a variety of bacteria and fungus leading to hygiene-related concerns.