DIY First Aid Remedies

DIY First Aid Remedies

Next time when you run into minor accidents don’t go crying to a doctor right away, instead, look around the house for a cure. When comes to simple first aid there are so many people that prefer natural treatment over the drugstore's medicine.


Lucky for those there is some wealth of fast-acting idea to effectively treat minor ailments.


1. Baking Soda: This magic powder is more than just a cleansing agent. So in case, you got stung by a bee, simple look for baking soda in your kitchen counter. Just take an amount of powder on your hand add some water to it make a paste and apply it directly on the infected area. 


2. Basil: Mosiquotes is making your life hell? Do not fret as the ingredient from your spaghetti sauce is the mean of a good end. Yes, we are talking about basil leaves, as these leaves help in relieving the itch generated from the bite.


Rubbing a few leaves directly on the area, helps your skin feel soothed. Also, according to some clinical finding, the oil of basil can work as an insect repellent.


3. Aloe Vera: Store-bought aloe gel is mostly induced with the chemicals and alcohol which is not as good as it represents. Always have an aloe vera plant in your garden as this flora is a miracle of nature.


This plant is great of many things, like sunburns, minor kitchen burns, small rashes or even small cuts will do. As aloe gel immediately soothes the skin and provide the skin with a cooling sensation. In the case of sunburns, just break a little piece from the plant and apply the oozing gel directly on the infected area.


4. Honey: This natural ingredient is very well known in the field of healing. From centuries honey has been used to treat cut and scrapes, burns or even major wounds. For minor scrapes, clean the area thoroughly with the help of water. Then blend a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Apply the mix on the induced wound and store the remaining in the freezer for later use.