Do It Yourself Medical Treatments

Do It Yourself Medical Treatments

No matter how great your relationship with your doctor is, you probably don't want to visit their office on a frequent note. So, instead of fretting over long clinic lines and numerous amount of patient why not treat the small ailments and wounds in the home only. 


1. Dental Floss: Ingrown toenails can be painful and there is a great chance that it might get infected. But do not worry as there is a thing in your bathroom cabinet that will help you.

Start by soaking your feet in a bucket full of warm water for about 10-15 minutes (make sure to do this on a regular interval throughout the day). After that, take a bit of cotton or waxed dental floss and separate the toenail from the skin. This process will make the toenail to grow above the skin edge. Apply some antibiotic cream ensuring that it does not get infected.


2. Tea Tree Oil: If you have psoriasis, then obviously you have an assigned medical prescription, medicine and ointments to soothe and treat
the infection. But in case you run out of the ointment, then tea tree oil is very good to cure the dry and scaly skin and also to soothe the itchy feeling. 


3. Duct Tape: Warts are not that of a dangerous disease, but they are painful, disturbing and can be pretty annoying. Lucky for people there is an easy solution to pull them out by using duct tape. And yes we agree it may seem bizarre but believe it, it is effective. People who have treated warts with the help of duct tapes actually agree that is more effective than those of cryotherapy and liquid nitrogen. 


4. Black Pepper: Obviously if you injured your self critically then it is best to visit a doctor. But if you had met with a small accident then black pepper is very effective in stopping the blood. Let say that you had cut yourself during chopping or having some minor cuts, then in order to stop the bleeding sprinkle a dash of black pepper on the cut as chemicals present in black pepper helps the blood to clot.