Health and Body Care Tips During Winter

Health and Body Care Tips During Winter

As beautiful as the winter season is, it is also a period full of laziness along with a vast number of celebrations. It is no doubt that things can go very lull in coming intervals and keeping recharged in the cold times seems like a pretty daunting task. Also, these times can also affect the body, health, mindset and eating behaviour of the body.



So to make a safe ending and a healthy start of your year, we 0are bringing ways for a fit, safe and healthy you. 



1. Tame The Carbs: Food is a big part of our comfortable life and cold season ignites some deep carbs cravings. The basic reason behind this is because after consuming delicious treats the serotonin level of the body rises, making your brain feel happier. To counter this, eat a protein-packed breakfast that will keep the energy levels up throughout the day. When the afternoon rolls and you are still craving sweets and carbs, keep a low-fat and healthy snack on the standby. Also, if you can try increasing your serotonin level without consuming unnecessary carbs. 



2. Mushrooms To Rescue: Mushrooms are very healthy when comes to boosting immune health of the body. It is because of the naturally occurring antibiotics present in it, which gives them medicinal properties for fighting many types of illness. So it is very helpful to add varieties of a white button or shitake mushrooms in the meals.



3. Eat More Fibre: Soluble fibres found in apples, nuts and oats is the way to lessen the inflammation and boost the immune system function. These fibres help in cholesterol level reduction and aids in weight loss, along with that it can also provide protection against diabetes.



4. Make Home Your Gym: This one for all those who do not want to go out for a workout, fear not as there are many resources present online that delivers fun workout videos and exercises. They contain a variety of workouts, comprising yoga, strength training, aerobics and different body-weight exercises.



5. Bon Voyage: A vacation during winter times is the best way to tackle any blues and depression and is a great method to rejuvenate your body and mind.