Home Remedies That Can Go Wrong

Home Remedies That Can Go Wrong

Our first and all-time resort to prevent any disease is nature. While reaching out to nature’s basket seems like a great idea, there are also times when the age-old nuskhas can go wrong. The correct knowledge of the reasons behind their failure is a must to be able to take the best care of yourself, so here we go.



Belief or Misbelief?

A common reason why a natural remedy might fail is that it is a prolonged myth which has been continuing from ages. There are various fallacies that people have been following since time immemorial without any scientific evidence per se, they've become a part of their lifestyle. These myths are so well rooted that it has become impossible to eliminate them. As a result, we continue to follow them without any solid proof or results. 




Body Type
One thing that we often fail to realise is the dynamics of body types. Our bodies no matter how similar they look are very different from each other, especially when it comes to bodily processes, hormones, and genes. Another important factor that determines our body type is demographics like age, gender, and lifestyle. Since our bodies are so different a remedy which might work for a particular group of people might not work for you. We need to accept that our bodies are different from each other and something which might work great for you may have adverse effects on the health of the other person.



Natural Yet Chemical

Anything and everything around us is a chemical compound. Even the water we consume is a chemical composition. Thus, believing in the fact that what you are using is free from chemicals, sounds like an oxymoron. The only thing one should focus on is the quality of products that you are using for your face or other parts of the body. Since most of the things around us have tampered with excessive chemicals we must choose products wisely. Using contaminated products is also a major reason why home remedies fail.



YouTube Reliance 

The trend of vloggers and bloggers sharing their face routine and diet plan is at peak these days. However, following their routines blindly can cause a lot of problems for you. Believing anything you see on the Internet is something you must avoid. These days many of the things that you see your favourite stars endorsing are paid promotions and it is possible for them to not even use the product in real life. Many videos with DIY techniques are the largest clickbait videos that garner a lot of money in our country. Now we are not expecting you to not to search any remedy on the Internet however, we expect you to be more cautious while choosing the right remedy for yourself.  



How can one choose the right remedy? 

While we've thoroughly discussed the various reasons why home remedies might fail, let's discuss how you can ensure that they work.



Patch Test

If you are trying a remedy for your face make sure you do a patch test on your arm. If it tingles or irritates your arm even one bit, then it is not suitable for your face. If you are trying something on your hair, then try it on the back of your neck to see how it is going to react to your scalp. 



Not For All

If you are suffering from something serious then do not rely on home remedies and seek a doctor immediately. Home remedies along with professional help are still acceptable but eliminating a doctor to try home remedies isn't a good choice and may have repercussions.



Be Sensible

Do not trust everything you see or read on the Internet. Many of these things are a trap to lure you into the well-woven net of social media to promote their products. Thus, when you come across something new, do a background check, read about it, find about your skin type or body type and then see if the remedy is meant for you or not.


As they rightly say, a little knowledge is more dangerous than none of it. Thus, think twice!


The article courtesy goes to Dr Nirupama Parwanda, Dermatologist, Founder of Zolie Skin Clinic.  


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