Importance Of Music On Human Health

Importance Of Music On Human Health

Music is the most important part of our life. It is something that none of us can ignore and nobody hates. The best thing is we have continuous access to music, be it the blazing sound coming from the earphones or just the natural harmony from the environment. 



Little known is the fact that music affects our brain in ways we can not imagine. From the flexibility of the brain to the sharpness of the memory, music shapes us in different ways.



1. Happy and sad music affects our mood we all know that and we can easily feel the emotions of happy/sad by listening to a song or music, but it is not because of the subjective idea that comes from how it makes us feel. No, the real reason our brain can actually differentiate between happy and sad. Another interesting point is our brain distinguish the effect of music in two different forms a. Perceived Emotions b. Felt Emotions. Perceive emotion is when we understand the sensation of songs without actually feeling it, but felt emotions are those in which we connect physically to the song by actually relating it with our life experiences. 



2. It is a general perception that learning music or musical instruments are good for kids, but it is more beneficial than that. Learning music or musical equipment might help in enhancing motor skills and discrimination abilities. Studies also show that these people have great reasoning skills and better vocabulary. The correlation between music and the brain is the same as the relation between exercise and brain, equating some research.         



3. Even though we think that learning music at a young age is more beneficial but it is just a myth. Some studies have shown that stroke patients shows improved visual attention when exposed to classical music. So music is helpful despite age and time. 



4. The connection between music and exercise is something that has been researched for many years. And no one can deny that when listened to music human body tends to work out more effectively and intensely. For instance, studies have shown that cyclist pedal faster when listened to music. This is due to the fact that music makes the brain drown the feeling of fatigue and our body feels less worn out than actual.