Ink Above The Blink

Ink Above The Blink

Microblading eyebrows is a semi-permanent makeup procedure designed to improve the aesthetics of the eyebrows. For the treatment, a super fine pen with 12 to 15 microblades is used to deposit ink pigments in the form of hair strokes. This results in a very fine and natural looking shaped eyebrows. The look is estimated to last for around 1 to 2 years after which the pigments fade leaving your natural eyebrows exactly as they were before the treatment. 

The treatment is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps or fill-in over plucked brows non-surgically. It is an extremely meticulous process, as it takes around two hours to complete. Each microblading stroke is applied individually, in order to allow it to acquire the shape, colour and density of the completed eyebrows. The complete procedure requires about two hours, the treatment is detailed below. 

Prep and Process
Post a detailed consultation and examination of the eyebrows, the eyes are cleansed thoroughly to remove any debris, dirt or makeup. Based on your facial aesthetics a natural eyebrow is designed. This is an important step lasting about an hour. To reduce the pain during the treatment a local anesthesia is also applied. A matching colour pigment is then prepared and natural fine strokes are created meticulously with the microblade over the designated eyebrows area. 

There is no downtime to this treatment and patients can go back to their normal routine. We recommend a follow-up one month after your appointment. For 10 days after the microblading eyebrow procedure you will have to avoid washing the eyebrows. Avoid direct sun exposure for a few days after the treatments. Avoiding any activities that will make you perspire or sweat such as gym or sauna, is also recommended. 

Dos and Don’ts 
People who have a tendency of keloids and hypertrophic scars should not undergo this procedure. The most common complications include misapplication of the pigment, pigment migration and colour change of the tattoo. Microblading is best for reshaping, thin or short eyebrows and to create arching eyebrows. It is also recommended for patients with stable alopecia areata (hair loss) in the eyebrow areas.

It is very important that sterile and disposable needles and blades should be used so as to prevent cross-infection. Also getting this procedure done in a medical facility with all aseptic precautions is the first step in getting a safe outcome.

There is no danger involved in this procedure since it’s just a body tattoo which humans have been doing since centuries. At the same time patients who have haemophilia, blood disorders, blood thinners on prescription, who have specific allergies to ink pigment, pregnant, nursing, skin with keloids etc. are not advised 
this treatment.

Getting Over
In case for some reason you want to remove your microbladed eyebrows, a great option would be to go for an eyebrow tattoo removal treatment done by a dermatologist using an advanced Nd:YAG laser. There are other options including microdermabrasion, facials, exfoliation etc. that might help reduce or fade the colour.



The article courtesy goes to Dr Batul Patel, Medical Director and Dermatologist, The Bombay Skin Clinic 


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