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Home Remedies To Increase Platelets Count

Side effects have been documented for far too long; even if in a small percentage, they are always present in almost everything that we use. Sometimes they are not noticeable and can be gotten rid of with the help of some over the counter medicines, but that does not happen always. In the case of severe ailments such as cancer, anemia, or other cardiovascular and chronic diseases, the possible side effects are far from simple; in both manifestation and treatment, which in turn takes a huge physical and emotional toll on the body. This article pinpoints three such severe side effects that usually come as a package deal with critical infirmities, and while the patients are always advised to take proper medication for any problems that transpire, there are few at-home remedies that can also help you get an edge over them. However, note that these remedies are just temporary solutions, and it is mandatory to ask your doctor before adopting them into your lifestyle.

We are going to talk about the platelet count. This effect is not as common as we might think but it is also not a very rare occurrence. Known as Thrombocytopenia, a condition in which the platelet count in the blood stoops to very low levels, and the body’s capability to clot blood after an injury starts to reduce. The condition is a recurrent phenomenon with cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy, but it can be triggered in normal people too.


VITAMIN C: Nutrient that helps the platelets group together and function efficiently is vitamin C. It also aids in absorbing iron, which further improves the chances of an increased platelet count. Some of the best and most effective sources of vitamin C include broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower, green or red bell peppers, and pineapples. 


EXTRACT THE GOOD: Papaya leaf extract can be extremely beneficial in increasing platelet counts. Many studies show that this extract, when taken in the recommended dosage, significantly accelerated the rate of increase of platelets, in not just cancer patients but dengue patients as well. There are certain medicines as well, which use the extract to heighten the platelet count in the blood.


SAY NO TO ADDICTION: In case you are an alcohol loving individual and are experiencing the effects of Thrombocytopenia, it is very well-advised not to partake in occasional drinking, as it has been found responsible for making the bleeding problem even worse. 


VITAMIN B12: This particular vitamin is crucial in keeping the blood cells healthy, and its deficiency is associated with low platelet counts. Some of the best sources of this nutrient are clams, eggs, and dairy products such as milk and cheese. But before enlisting them into your diet, keep in mind that some researchers suggest that cow’s milk can interfere with platelet production.