Life Hacks To Enhance Health

Life Hacks To Enhance Health

Human life is already like a trip of a roller coaster with lots of twists and turns and no time to relax. And we know that it is simply difficult for a person to take a break and catch a breath. So enjoy the ride without any obstacles and at the same time take good care of your health. We know that all of this might sound absurd, but rest assured it is possible. 



Listed below are some very easy, no time consuming and highly effective tricks that will accelerate healthiness in your moving life. 



1. Never Eat A Bad Egg: Eating a bad egg is never good for your health, so always check if your egg is fresh or not. The trick to checking whether the egg is still fresh or gotten worse, simply take out the remaining eggs from the cartoon put each of them in a glass full of water, the eggs that sinks are completely fresh, those who sink to their sides are perfect for hard boiling and bad eggs will float. 



2. Dress Up The Water Bottle: Drinking water impacts greatly to the body. But for some, it might be a dreading task. Don’t worry the manufactures in the markets are producing some great ways that will make you drink the desired amount. At this time there are so many cute and appealing bottles available in the market, merely by looking at them makes you want to drink water from it. So, we suggest you buy these bottles and mark them into 200 ml per interval. 



3.  Save The Herbs Into Preprepared Saute: Whenever you see your herbs are started to turn bad or becoming brown then do not toss them out. Instead, put chopped herbs into ice cube tray and fill it up with olive oil, and let it freeze. Now you will always have cubes ready for sauteing the vegetables and meat toss.  



4. Make Onion, Garlic And Shallots Last Longer: Onions and garlic already last longer than your average banana and orange, but how about making it last for a much longer span, say about three months. Just use lunch box brown paper and put a bunch of holes in it. Put your onions and scallops into it and secure the bag with a paper clip. This process will help the onion, garlic and scallops to last longer. 



5. Chewing Gums For Cravings: Whenever you are feeling hungry and not because of food but because of boredom or out of blue, then chew gum to stop the craving and this will distract your mind form all the unhealthy munching you are about to start.