Long Live Diabetics

Long Live Diabetics

It has always been believed that individuals with diabetes have a shorter lifespan, irrespective of its form, Type 1 or Type 2. A global estimate suggests that an average of 8 -10 years is lost due to diabetes. If the statement about diabetes reducing the lifespan was completely true, one would expect that people with diabetes would rarely cross 60 years of age, as India’s average lifespan for men is 68 years and is 70 for women. But some basic things can help you reach a century of lifespan, diabetic or not. 




The first and foremost attribute mandatory in people for healthier living, especially with a condition like diabetes, is their disciplined nature. They should follow a routine of sleeping, waking, eating, exercising and more. A continuous and consistent health regime is a must. 




Rarely we would find a person who has lived a long and healthy life with diabetes and without regular exercising. It need not be a vigorous regime but has to be consistent for sure. Just a walk of 30-45 minutes, can work wonders!



Healthy Diet

Most patients who live longer have the reasonable control of their diet. This does not mean that they have never eaten a sweet or strayed from the prescribed diet. However, they know their limits and on the days when they have eaten extra, they exercise more or cut down their calories for the next meal.



Partially Filled Stomach

People who tend to overeat complain of indigestion and contrary to what one might think, actually have lower energy levels. On the other hand, those who leave some room in their stomach feel light or healthier and have more energy levels. Many studies have also shown that a reduction in calories or food intake is directly related to increased longevity.



Know To Say No

Most ambitious people tend to take on far more work than they can cope with. One must have a healthy ‘work-life balance’. To achieve that one should learn to say no. Also, denying the extra amount of food and stress to enter your life, is equally important. 



The article courtesy goes to Dr V. Mohan who is the Chairman of Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre, Chennai. 


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