Natural Safety During Monsoon

Natural Safety During Monsoon

Rainy Season in our country is all about having a steaming cup of tea with a plate full of snacks, listening to retro music and embracing the soft touch of raindrops. Started day-dreaming? Wake up, there is a hindrance. After tackling the blazing summer heat, monsoon is also the time to fight against the unwanted visitors breeding in the hidden.


But, as it says ‘the show must go on’, the constant bothering and infection by these troublesome insects will not stop and hence, we have come up with some remedies that could bring you quick relief. 



It is a popular ingredient with properties that can help in relieving the inflammation. You may consume turmeric as a tea for healthy effects. For topical applications against the sting of the honey bee, mix it with a small amount of water or coconut oil until it forms a paste and applies this to the affected area.


Leave it to dry before wiping off. Also, be aware that turmeric may stain a yellow colour. To avoid that, dab a little coconut oil onto the cotton ball while wiping it off. 



Enriched with loads of nutritive properties, this kitchen ingredient when applied to an insect bite may help reduce the stinging action and prevent from the infection.


Aloe Vera 

Its healing properties are well known to the world. The anti-inflammatory properties it holds, are also noteworthy because of its healing attributes. Applying the gel can help in reducing the inflammation from mosquito bites and in soothing the area. 


Tea Tree Oil

This wonderful essential oil has properties which can ease the pain and itch caused by a mosquito bite. All you need to do is put a few drops of 100 per cent pure tea tree oil on a cotton ball then dab it on the infected area constantly.  


The article is written by Tejashee Kashyap, Editorial Intern. 


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