Perfect Pooch Present

Perfect Pooch Present

Your furry friend is inevitably your best playmate. Just like us humans, they love to indulge in fun activities to kick off boredom. Even when they get anxious, they tend to manifest through destructive behaviour like chewing your shoes or destroying whatever comes their way. The case is similar when the pup is in its growing stage. “When their teeth start to show up, they are often accompanied by sore gums. Pet toys act as a saviour! They are a great companion throughout the formative puppy years. These toys act as an interactive tool which stimulates their minds and helps them calm down their anxiety,” says Dr Rajeev Sharma, Professor at College of Veterinary Science, Assam. Chewing these toys not only helps in alleviating the pain but also aids in maintaining healthy oral hygiene. They are the best source to keep your furry friend relaxed, engaged and entertained. 



Choosing the right toy can be a confusing and challenging task as each stage of the pup’s growth deals with a special kind of need. There are ample options available in the market, each specifically geared for different stages of their development. 




Tiny pups are curious and excited about everything around them. Those who are of 7 to 12 weeks fall in this category. This is the ideal time to teach them mind activities and introduce them to challenging puzzle toys. As their teeth are yet to show up, you should get squeaky and plush toys for them to snuggle. Keep their enthusiasm level high by rotating and shuffling the toys every week. Constantly playing with the same toy increases monotony and they tend to lose interest.




This stage span includes pups between 3 to 9 months. Your tiny cuddle buddy has started teething and will attack anything he can get his paws on. Hide your favourite pair of sneakers as they might be your pup’s next target. There are toys specially designed for your puppy’s deciduous, soft baby teeth. You might have to frequently replace the chew toys and it’s a good thing. Make sure you stock them up. This is an ideal time for your pooch to learn to socialise. Gift him some interactive toys like a chasing ball made of soft rubber.


The article courtesy goes to  Anshika Seth, Editorial Intern. 


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