Perfect pressure

Perfect pressure

Korean therapy sujok is made of two words, su meaning hands and jok connoting feet. It is an alternative way of treatment there are pressure points and acupressure techniques are used to relieve people suffering from pain or discomfort of sorts. Developed by the late Prof. Park Jae Woo, a Korean scientist approximately 45 years ago, we are yet to reap its full benefits.

Since sujok in Korean means hand and foot, the treatment also concentrates activity on the pertinent points we have on hands and feet. It is a technique that helps us heal most of our physical, emotional and mental illnesses.

A professional with experience in this kind of healing system will involve the ailing person with as many as 16 treatment sessions. Do not take fright. It does not involve you to spend hours here. It takes only about 15 to 20 minutes at each of these sessions to help you reach relief.

As for the technical part where needles could be used, it is recommended that a specialised and trained individual aware of the best practices perform it. They then use highly sterilised and imported disposable needles. Also, it is a painless and bloodless treatment, as the piercing happens only at the skin level.

Sujok is being tried out to heal problems related to eyesight, kidneys, problems of indigestion, sexual dysfunction, diabetic neuropathy, bronchitis.

There are various techniques that sujok deploys. These are
Acupuncture, Acupressure, Colour Therapy, Seed Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Moxa(Herb) Therapy, Chakra Healing,  five Elements Balancing Therapy, Yin & Yang Principle, Emotional and Mental Level Treatment are its branches in use.

The principle followed is there is a continuous flow of energy in the body that may get imbalanced. Sujok tries to bring back the happy balance back for one to enjoy a fulfilling life.

Courtesy: This article is given by Dr. Pradeep Sharma, President of Sujok Association of India.