Reality Of The Virtual World

Reality Of The Virtual World

The world of internet has been around for less than a few decades but its advancement already became an impression among the human race. We are using this technology in all ways possible.

Although the expansion has immensely helped us in unimaginable ways. But like every other thing, there are both pros and cons in the world of internet. 

One of them is the effect of the online world on human brains. The theory is based on neuroplasticity or we can say, the strength of the brain to alter its structure over time. Meaning the lessons and values we are gathering from the internet, is creating a serious impact on our mind.    

There is no denying the fact that from the time the internet has boomed, many of the tasks have become easier, it allows us to multitask. But performing a number of tasks on the technical screen does not make us a multi-tasker in the outer world. If anything, it only lessens our capacity to concentrate and causes distraction.

Also, the effect of spending a long time in the virtual world, make your connection weak with the real world. You chat online, facetime, WhatsApp, it can be served both recreational and professional purpose, but only to a certain extent. For instance, spending unlimited time on Facebook makes you feel connected to the social world, but nothing matches to meet friends in person and physically interact with your loved ones. 

The virtual world is impacting both the mental and physical condition of the brain. When you spend time watching something on the internet, it restricts your movement and causes joint stiffness or lower back pain. All this severely impacts the motor system of the body. Also, being glued to the screen impacts your retina and microprocessor receptors causing eye problems.

It is nice to know a thing or two, as we were the race of engineers, every day brings something new. We should adopt changes as a part of life, but don’t let something become an addiction.