Remove Your Doubt

Remove Your Doubt

1.  I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  With proper care, I have managed to keep my diabetes under control. But in type 2 diabetes insulin injections become a must. Are there any ways out that I can avoid the need for it?

No, it is not that insulin injections are a must in type 2 diabetes. Initially, in type 2 diabetes, you do not require insulin. You will require insulin only when your oral tablets fail to control your diabetes. So, see to it that you speak to your doctor before you start taking the insulin. Do not start taking insulin injections on your own. Get yourself checked and let the doctor decide the course of treatment and medication for you. 


2. I am three months pregnant and I am a core vegan-diet person. Thus I am worried that my vegan diet can create some complexities in my pregnancy. Is it possible?                                             

It is unlikely that it can cause complications; provided you take adequate vitamins. You will also have to make sure that your protein intake is proper. Above all, you should be doing it the right way. You must speak to a dietician since you are pregnant, it will help you manage it better. They will be able to tell you the best if you are doing it the proper way and if not then what should be the right way to pursue. 


3. I am 33 years old and my blood sugar level usually remains high. Recently, my dentist advised me to go for root canal treatment for my decaying tooth. Is it safe to go for the RCT with high sugar levels? 

A diabetic person should not opt for the root canal treatment as it is not safe. So, if you have high blood sugar levels then you will have to control the level first, and only then you can go for this treatment. While managing your diabetes for a dental treatment make sure that you inform your dentist about it. He shall keep an up-to-date tab of your diabetes. If your glucose levels remain high then avoid doing the root canal. 


4. I am a food lover, and I binge too much on junk food. Earlier, it was all okay, but now I have started getting various eating disorders. Could you suggest some healthy alternatives which will not kill the taste also?

There are a lot of alternatives available. A healthy diet need not be tasteless always. You should avoid taking fried food and opt for grill food. Remember, deep-fried food is a complete no-no.  For instance; instead of having fried samosa, go for a baked one. Choose healthy alternatives and you will be able to take care of yourself and stay fit and fine. Furthermore, your dietician can also help you.