Skin Care Tricks For Fall-Winter Season

Skin Care Tricks For Fall-Winter Season

When we take care of something its efficiency stays for a long time, the skin is no exception. Harsh winter times can be painful, damaging and downright uncomfortable on the skin. Tackle all these problems and more and provide your skin with ample care with these effective tips. 



1. Hydration: Water is the answer to many problems. But during the time of cold weathers, we often forget to drink enough water throughout the day and this is when low humidity strips the skin of its moisture. Remember to sip slowly plus avoid big gulps, also use a reusable bottle. Indulge natural lemon and ginger in the warm water as to provide the body with maximum nourishment.



2. Say No To Chemical: Many cleansers contain harmful chemicals that do more damaging then nourishment. Ingredients like alcohol and added fragrances rip the skin from its natural moistures and do no favours to dry and cracked cells. Use all-natural and cream-based cleanser that will not only maintain the natural oil of the skin but at the same time take off the day’s dirt and make-up.



3. Having dry and itchy skin? Then exfoliating your skin during winter might not be on your bucket list. But believe it or not, there is more benefit to this than one can anticipate. Not only it takes off dry and dead skin but also regenerates some new ones. Use all-natural exfoliating scrubs or some homemade original recipes.



4. Hot Shower No No: Cold weather outside makes hot shower inside a lot more tempting than ever, but long baths and hot showers are a big no-no. Not only hot water dehydrates you, but also strip away those necessary oils from your body. If you come out of the shower and your skin overly red and itchy, it is a sign that you have overdone it. Look next step and we will tell you how to get it covered.



5. Checked Care: It is very crucial to check your face moisturiser and body lotions before using it. It is better recommended to use oil-based products rather than water-base. And the vital point is to apply the moisturisers or lotions immediately after washing as it locks in the moisture. And do not forget to take care of your hand and feet as well. 



6. Sun Is Always There: We may think that sunscreens are only for warmer seasons as that is when the UV radiations are at peak, well let us clear you that it is just a myth. Cold and cloudy days do not block the harmful rays coming from the sun. So it is imperative to use sunscreens on the neck, face, hands and other visible portions of the body before going out.