Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean

In user guides and how-to videos, blood glucose meter companies detail every step they want you to take when you check your blood glucose level. Yet study after study has shown that most people skip one or more of the necessary steps.   

Maybe you think, These steps can’t all be important. Maybe you’ve heard different pieces of advice elsewhere. Or maybe you need some evidence of their value in achieving accurate results. Here we’ll examine the most basic step—washing your hands, which may seem trivial or open to interpretation. For those of you in a hurry, see the tips below for what’s best according to research.

Do you need to wash your hands before you check your blood glucose? Or is a quick wipe on your jeans good enough? Unwashed hands can increase the reading of your blood sugar level by 10 per cent. So, in order to have an accurate measure try to wash your hands before measuring your sugar level. In case you do not have the chance to clean your hand, then wipe the first drop of blood and read the second one, it will help you give a similar to an accurate value of your glucose level.   

Are hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes as good as soap and water? When you use wipes or soap sanitisers, the reading is more likely to increase. Products like soap, wipes and lotion tend to increase the value of the blood glucose level marked in the test. Also, if alcohol is not evaporated before taking the test, then the reading increases, higher than anticipated.  

So, if you are worried about the germs, there is nothing more purifying than water. Or simply use light soap, with no alcohol or hard chemicals. And try your best to avoid lotions before taking the test.