Being sick with a cold or the flu can raise your blood sugar, and PWDs have a higher risk of serious flu-related complications. Shield your health with these smart tips.

1. Get quality sleep

Research shows that people who logged between seven and eight hours of undisturbed sleep have fewer chances of getting a disease. For an undisturbed sleep, avoid heavy foods, caffeine, and alcohol before bed. Sleep somewhere that’s dark, comfortable, cool, and quiet.

2. Green your tea

Among its many health benefits, green tea contains a compound that can increase your number of regulatory T-cells. Research shows that these might play a significant role in immune function. Add lemon to the tea to increase your daily dose of vitamin D.

3. Clear your mind

Yoga can improve your flexibility. It can also increase your immune function. People who do yoga for 90 minutes every week have strong immunity than others.

4. Be a tree hugger

The Japanese call it forests bathing, and while it might sound a little out there, studies show that spending time among the trees activates natural killer cells, which are part of the immune system. It lowers the harmful effects of stress, which protect you from infections.

5. Kick the butts

Cigarette smoking lowers your immunity, making you more prone to sickness. So, quit smoking for the benefit of your body and your health.  

6. Book a massage

Talk about the perfect excuse to get pampered. People who get a 45-minute massage in a week have significant changes in levels of white blood cells that help defend the body against disease.

7. Have five meal a day

Among folks who ate five servings of veggies a day, just 20 per cent reported illnesses compared to 33 per cent of people who ate only two servings a day.

8. Log a sweat

Exercise has so many benefits, especially if you have diabetes. But what you might not know is that it can reduce the symptoms and severity of respiratory illnesses. Exercise promotes the growth of your immune system also.